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Life-long musician Adrienne Cleary is a composer, teacher and pianist, whose unique performance/composition style has generated a wealth of imaginative improvisational compositions. Her work has attracted attention as a source of spontaneous and energetic real-time piano composition.


Born in Brooklyn, NY, Adrienne pursued classical piano and music studies from an early age. Among her earliest teachers was Dr. Maria E De Vries graduate of the Paris Conservatory. The music of Bach has been an early and life-long influence on Adrienne’s contrapuntal performance style and her fluid performance/composition style.


By age 10 Adrienne had performed at CAMI Hall affiliated with Carnegie Hall in New York City to a standing ovation. In middle school Adrienne studied with Paul Shocker, a Juilliard School graduate. Her studies included the Chopin Concerto in E minor.


Adrienne’s music studies lay dormant through her college years and immediately thereafter as she pursued an active investment career. 


As a young adult she has renewed her interest in music studies. Currently, Adrienne studies composition and technology with Steve Antosca, and attends The Juilliard School of Music where she also studies privately with Dr. Evan Fein, Dr. Danny Felsenfeld and Dr. Kevin Quill.

Music From The Heart

Adrienne plays from her heart to reach the souls of her listeners, and aims to bring joy, peace and contentment.


The composer describes her music as “cinematic, romantic drama, and ultimately would be suited for soundtracks for films and documentaries. I can watch a movie without sound and be moved by the scenes as my hands and mind create the music to narrate the story.”


Adrienne’s music aims to effect her listeners through spontaneous emotional richness, reaching for the listeners’ soul,  to bring great joy to her and the listener in this process. “What I want people to experience when hearing my music is love, joy and uplifted spirits felt through the emotional journey of my music.”


Inner emotions translate into sound through her fingertips creating improvisational compositions through spontaneous imagination. Adrienne writes:  “I like to be free and feel free with an open heart while giving to others when I compose. I can also compose while looking at images or hearing songs that move me.”


As a recording artist Adrienne has numerous recordings to her credit. Inspired is dedicated to her parents and Peaceful Heart is dedicated to Maureen Kerrigan. Maureen’s enjoyment and belief in Adrienne’s music promoted the creation of Peaceful Heart and is a special dedication to her. Her most recent recording is Time Within.


Adrienne regularly performs in DC area Country Clubs, hotels and Art galleries. She especially enjoys spreading her love of music by performing for Senior Citizens in Retirement Communities.


As an educator, Adrienne has a thriving piano studio, specializing in Young Beginners.


Adrienne has received awards of distinction at Levine Music in Washington DC and was a Bronze Medal Winner - Finalist in the 2018 Global Music Awards for instrumentalist and original score.


Adrienne Cleary lives in the Northern Virginia – Washington, DC area where she performs and teaches. 


Adrienne’s website is: 

She can be found in social media at SoundCloud,  YouTube, and Linked-In under Adrienne C Cleary.

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